One to Many to Itself Relationships
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One to Many to Itself Relationships are just like normal One to Many Relationship with one difference, the module you're relating the field to is the same module the record exists in. For example, you might have a Company module, and you want to have a field that shows another Company this Company is related to. They're both Companies, so it doesn't make sense to create a different module, but one of the Company Records is the parent record to another Company Record. You'd want to set up a One to Many to Itself relationship to show that.

    To set up a One to Many to Itself Relationship:

  1. Go to the form manager for the module you're going to work in. In this case, it is Areas.

  2. Click, "New Field," to create a new field.

  3. Name your field, in this example, we named it "One2Many2Itself." Choose Data Source as the Field Type. Then select the module. In this case, Area, again. Chose the One to Many relationship. Click Submit.

  4. Drag the field into the form and click Save Form Layout.

  5. Go to your module, here, Area. Note the records that exist in this module.

  6. Drill into a record and click edit. Click the drop down for the refrence field. In the picture below you see that all the records from above are options.

  7. Fill out your record and click submit.

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