Many to Many Relationships
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Many to Many Relationships allow you to two Modules, each with records that related to more than one record in the other module. In this example we are going to add a Many to Many Relationship to the Area Module. It will be related to the Skills module. In this scenario, we have an area that might require workers withm a couple different types of skills. We want to be able to list all those Skills in one Area Record. We also want to know the Areas that each Skill is listed in.

    To set a Many to Many Relationship:

  1. Go to the form manager for the module you're going to work in. In this case, it is Areas.

  2. Click, "New Field," to create a new field.

  3. Name your field, in this example, we named it "Many2Many." Choose Data Source as the Field Type. Then select the module. In this case, Skill. Choose the Many to Many Relationship. Click Submit.

  4. Drag the field into the form and click Save Form Layout.

  5. Go to your module, here, Area. You will want to drill into the record. You do not want to edit it.

  6. Here, you can click the edit button next to the Many to Many field.

  7. Select the record you'd like to add then click add. Repeat this process until you have all the records that you want selected. Here we have selected Construction and would like to add Electrician too. If you would like to remove one that you have added, click the little icon that looks like a circle with a line through it.

  8. Note, if you'd like, you can go and add another Many to Many relationship in the other module, (here, Skill).

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