One to Many Templates
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One to Many Relationship Templates allow you to bring information in from parent modules, and display it on the record in a specfic way, based on a template. Users can then add that information to the record page. When you bring these items into the record, they create Line Items. For example, if you were creating an invoice for a customer, you could add various Products to an Invoice Record.

    To add a one to many template to a module:

  1. Go the Form Manager by clicking the Wrench, Modules, then Form Manager. Select the module that you wish to modify.

  2. Click "New Field" on the left hand side.

  3. Enter a label for your field. Select the "Data Source" Field Type. Select the module that you wish to link to. Make sure the relationship is set to One to Many (Template). Click Submit.

  4. Drag the field into your layout. Click Save Layout. You may want to create a new section for this field since it is a template.

  5. You can edit the template by clicking on the gear icon on the right side of the field. This will bring up the Editor. Drag the fields that you want to the right side. If you want them to be editable check the box next to the field. When you're done, click "Save" to save the Form Layout.

  6. Now go to view your module. Add a record.

  7. Fill out the appropriate information and click submit.

  8. You can now click on the Add/Edit Products button.

  9. You can click on the plus sign and select one of the Products that you have in the system. You can click plus to add as many as you want. You can then click on Save Changes.

  10. You will now see all of your products saved on the record.

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