One to One Relationships
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One to One Relationships are a way to pull data from one module to another. Unlike a One to Many Relationship, the parent record is only connected to one child record. It is possible, however, to have a One to One Relationship along with a One to Many Relationship. This is used most commonly with Company and Contact records. You might have many Contacts at a Company, but one primary Contact. You would set up a One Comapny to Many Contacts Relationship, and a One Company to One Contact Relationship. The One to One would allow you to designate a Primary Contact.

    To add a one to one relationship to a module:

  1. Go the Form Manager by clicking the Wrench, Modules, then Form Manager. Select the module that you wish to modify.

  2. Click "New Field" on the left hand side of the Form Manager.

  3. Enter a label for your field. Select the "Data Source" Field Type. Select the module that you wish to link to. Make sure the relationship is set to "One to One." Click Submit. When you select Example here, it becomes the parent module and Area becomes the child module.

  4. Note: The new relationship fields will not be found in the module where you add the one-to-one. The new fields will actually appear in the Form Manager for the module for which you set the relationship, not the module where you started. In this example, the Area module is below the Example module.

  5. Now go to Form Manager for the module that you used in the relationship. The new fields will be under "One-to-One Fields."

  6. Drag and drop the fields you want into the layout. Click "Save Form Layout."

  7. Now go to the module where the relationship was added. Click the + button to add a new record.

  8. You will see that the one-to-one fields from the original module are now showing up in this module.

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