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The App Section of the Mobile App Builder is where you actually create usable applications. This guide contains an overview of the App Section, and details about the five different types of applications you can create. These different types of applications are known as skins.
Don't forget: It may be necessary to save your work often when working in the Mobile App Builder.

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To get to the App Section, click on the wrench, Mobile Apps, Mobile App Builder, then select the app you would like to work on. In this article, we'll be working on the app, "Demo App."

  1. Click on the drop down carrot next to "Apps."
    You will now see the the App Options.

  2. This area is divided by the black bars that say, "App." You can add several different apps by clicking, "Add New App."
    A blank app will have an App Details form to fill out. Once you start making selections, the form will expand.
    The "Label" box is where you can name your app. Below that is the "Primary Module" drop down menu. This is where you'll choose which module your app will be interacting with. Note, some skins will have you select secondary modules later. The "Skin" drop down menu is where you will select the type of App you'll be creating.
    You can also delete an app by clicking the small "x" to the right of the black bar. (You will be prompted to make sure you want to delete it before it is gone forever).

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MobileApp Skin

The MobileApp skin is the most basic skin. Simply put, it is a way to create records in a Module. You will set up the fields and arrange the way you would like them to be oriented.

    To create a MobileApp Skin:

  1. We are going to create a Punch List App called Punch Demo. I typed that name in Label, then selected Punch as my primary module. As soon as I chose my module, more of the form appeared.
    What appeared was the MobileApp Skin form. If I change the skin, that form will change. I will not be able to change the skin once I save.

  2. Now we'll start filling fields out the Skin Details form.
    You will start with one field, but you'll want to add more by clicking the Add New Field button.

    Each field will have a couple different things to fill out:

  3. Field Drop Down - When you select which field, from the module, you would like to go in this place.
    Required Check Box - Check this if you want this field to be something you require users to fill out.
    Auto Increment - This will be greyed out unless the field is an Auto Increment field. Check this if you would like it to follow that.
    Retain Value - Some times users will go adding several records in one sitting, or tour. In this case, it may be helpful for certain fields to hold the same vaule that they had in the last record. Check this box if you would like the field to do that.
    Layout Drop Down - Refrences the form layout for the selected module.
    QR Scan Field (SID) - This is where you chose if you want a QR scan button here. You will want to select what you chose for the field.

  4. Once you have everything set up how you would like, click save. If you have set up the graphs and widgets, reports, and set the permissions, you will be able to view the app on your mobile device.
    In the image below, notice that the order we arragned the fields is the order they appear in the app. The QR Code button is on the Building Field. This means that the user will be able to scan the building QR Code if they're out making a Punch List.

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