App Builder Overview
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Mobile App Builder Overview

The Mobile App Builder is the tool we use to create mobile applications. This guide is an overview of the tool.

  1. Go to the Mobile App Builder by clicking the Wrench, Mobile Apps, then Mobile App Builder.

  2. There are two tabs, App Builder, and Quick Action Settings. The App Builder allows you to build applications. The Quick Action Settings allows you to create Quick actions.
    Quick actions are not inside the individual apps, thus the tab is separate.
  3. The Bars displayed are the apps that will display on the home screen of their mobile device.

  4. Clicking the down arrow will open the configuration settings for the application. We will go through each section.

  5. Header
    This is where you select with module the application will be working with. You can toggle how you are going to set up the permissions, and insert a help menu link. You can also clone or delete the app from here.

  6. App Dashboard and Widgets
    This is the section where you will configure the gauges and summary blocks in the application. Each section will correlate with a section in the mobile app. For more information about App Dashboard Widgets, click here.

  7. Apps
    This section is where you configure the functions of the application. You can write the name of the App, select with module it will interact with, and select the Skin. Important: The skin is where you decide what kind of app it will be. For more information on that, click here.

  8. Reports
    This is where you will create the reports for the application. Every graph and Summary block will pull from a report, so you will need to create a report for every thing you want to display in the graph and summary block.
    Note: If there are blank reports, the app will not open. This means that there is a minimum number of reports necessary for the app to work.

  9. Access
    This is where you select who has access to view the information and applications. The app will not launch if no one has access.