Mobile App Reports
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Mobile App Reports

"Reports" is the section in the Mobile App Builder tool that allows us to create reports. These reports can be linked to with widgets and graphs, or viewed from the side bar menu in the mobile app. In this guide, we will create some demo reports for the Demo App we're creating. The demo app is based out of the "Punch" module. We will be recreating an app that has already been created in the Mobile App Builder tool. To see that, and for an overview of the whole Mobile App Builder, click here.
Keep in mind, while working in the tool, it may be necessary to save and refresh the page often.

    Creating a Report
    In the reports section, by default there is one blank report. You can add reports by clicking the Add New Report button. You will probably want to create a unique report for each graph and widget.
    Note: If there are any blank reports, the app will not launch.

  1. Type the name of your first report in the "Lable" field. Here, we are naming the first report, "New Punches Demo." Click "Create Report." Note, this link will change to, "Edit Report," after the first time it is clicked.
    The process here is the same as creating a normal report. For more information on that process, click here.
    You will want to consider what you want the user to be able to see when they are using the application on their mobile device.

  2. Select which app you would like this report to link to with the "App" drop down menu. Note: You will need to have created an App, or at least named an App, for anything to show up in the drop down menu.
  3. There is a grey bar named Filters under the fields you have just filled out. Here is where you can set up some buttons that the user can press to filter some of the data in the report.
  4. Click Add New Report and continue to create reports until you have enough reports for all your graphs and widgets to link to something. The App will not load unless each graph and widget is linked to a report.

  5. Once you have all the reports you need, click save.

  6. You are now able to link the graphs and widgets to these reports. For information on how to do that, click here.