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This article describes how to Copy a View to another user. You can copy any View to any user in your account. This will place an exact duplicate of the View in the same module of the user(s) you select. This is similar to publishing a View, but the user will have the ability to edit the View.

Note: This is different than cloning a View, which allows you to duplicate a View. For more information, click here.

    To Copy a View:

  1. Click on the Module (Icon) that you want to Copy the View from.

  2. Click on Manage Views.

  3. Click on the the down arrow for the View that you want to Copy.

  4. Click on the the Copy To icon.

  5. Select the person(s) that you want to copy the View to and then click Copy Selected.

  6. It will give you confirmation that the Report was Successfully Copied