Publish a Report
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This help tutorial describes how to Publish a Report to another User or Group.;Publishing reports give you the ability to make any report that you have available to any of the users in your account. You can either Force the Report or give the user the option to subscribe to the report. The user will only be able to read the report. If any changes are made to the original report that was published, those changes will automatically be reflected in the accounts of the users that are subscribed to it. They will only be able to see information in the report that they have access to see.

    To Publish a Report:

  1. Click on the Report module (you may need to add it to your library).

  2. Click on the the down arrow for the Report that you want to Publish.
  3. Click Share

  4. You can either Force the Report to a User/Group or give them the ability to Subscribe to the Report. Click on the radio buttons as shown below. When you have finished click on Submit.