Copy a Report
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This help tutorial describes how to Copy a Report to another user. If you have a report in your account that another user would like to use, you can copy the report to the user. This will put an exact replica of the report in their account. They can then view and edit the report. Keep in mind, the report may not always display the same information. When the user runs the report, it will only be able to pull from records the user has access to. Also if you select an option like "Myself" for scope then the set of records that another user owns will be different.

    To Copy a Report:

  1. Click on the Report module (you may need to add it to your library).

  2. Click on the the down arrow for the Report that you want to Copy.

  3. Click on the the Copy To icon.

  4. Select the person(s) that you want to copy the report to by checking the box next to their names. Then click submit to copy report.