Filtering Records
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In your Views, you can filter records by any of the fields that are displayed in the view. This will allow you to quickly find specific records. You can also change the column header that the list is sorted by, and change the direction it is sorted by. These filters are not permanent. If you would like them to be, you will need to create a new view.

    To filter records in a view:

  1. Go to the module where your record is located.

  2. Select the view that you wish to filter.

  3. Click on the search icon next to any one of the fields. A small text field will appear.

  4. Type in the text field to search the view. Press "Enter" to filter. You can search more than one column at a time.

  5. You will now only see records that match your filter criteria.

To sort records in a view:

  1. In this example, this list is normally sorted by UniqueID, ascending (smallest number on top). We want to sort them by their due dates, descending (so that we see the newest due dates on top).

  2. To sort by due dates, click on the column header, "Due Date." This will sort the due dates into a ascending order.

  3. To sort in a descending diretion, we will want to click "Due Date," again.