Creating an eFormula Field
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Creating an eFormula Field

eFormula fields allow you to use Excel formulas inside of your forms.

    To create an eFormula field:

  1. Click on the wrench.

  2. Click on Modules.

  3. Click on Field Creator.

  4. Click on the module where you would like to create the eFormula module.

  5. Type in the name of the eFormula field and hit enter.

  6. Under the Field Type drop down pick a formula type.

    Formula - Currency: The end result will be a number formatted as currency. You can only use currency or "text box - numeric" fields with this type of eFormula.
    Formula - Date: This eFormula is used for calculations with data fields. You can only use date fields with this eFormula field.
    Formula - Numeric: The end result of this formula will be formatted as a number. You can only use currency of text box - numeric fields with this type of eFormula.
    Formula - Text: The end result of this eFormula will be a text string. You can use any text type fields in this eFormula.

  7. Click on the name of the field to edit the properties.

  8. You can click and drag fields from the box labeled "Fields" to use them in your formula. You can also drag formulas in from the box labeled "Formulas." When you drag a field into the page it will create a field in the Formula Tester section. You can put values in these fields and click "Calculate" to determine if the equation is entered correctly.

  9. Click Save when finished. Then save the Field Creator.