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Email Settings

eAppTrack offers a variety of email options for you to choose from. Each user has their own email address that they can send and recive emails from. You also have the option to use your default email client, rather than eAppTrack email application. There is also the option to use eAppTrack to manage your email but have the emails go out through another email server.

    To get to the Email Settings:

  1. Click on the wrench.

  2. Click on Email.

  3. Click on Email settings .

  4. Displayed here are the email settings.

  • Option 1 (Default):
    This option uses the default mail client on your computer to send mail. This may be gmail, outlook, or mail (on mac). If you send an email out of a record or module, the email will not be recorded in the record. All mass emails and drip campaign emails will be sent using ""

  • Option 2 - (Recommended):
    eAppTrack automatically creates a new email address for you to use. This will be the email you use to send and receive email from the eAppTrack application. The primary account for this service is your "" account. You can also add additional email addresses that you own (via confirmation process) to mask that account with your own account. eAppTrack does not host your Mail eXchange (MX) records for your personal domain, therefore all mail sent from the application, using this service, will be sent using your "" address. You can use one of your additional email addresses to mask this this. Most clients will see this mail as though it were coming from your personal email. There are, however, some email clients that will see this as your personal email sent, "on behlaf of" your "" address.

  • Option 3 - Use your own mail servers to send mail:
    eAppTrack also offers the ability to send all mail sent from them system through your own mail servers. You'll need to know all your mail server settings to use this option. If your administrator has set-up corporate mail for your eAppTrack instance, this option will override your option 3 settings for addresses entered using this option. You will still need to enter your e-mail addresses for this domain, and confirm them before using these addresses under option 3.