Add Notification
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Add Notification

Notifications can create triggers in your account to update information or alert you of certain events.

    To Add a Notification:

  1. Click on the wrench.

  2. Click on Automation.

  3. Click on Add Notification.

  4. Select the Module you would like the Notification to come from and give the notification a name.

  5. Select an event to trigger the notification. (The table to the right changes depending on which radio button you click).

    • By Control: Here you can select a specific field value to trigger the notification.

    • By Date: Here you can pick a date field and trigger the notification for a specific amount of days before or after this field.

    • By Event: Here you can trigger a notification when a record is created, edited, or deleted.

  6. Choose which user's data you would like to apply this notification rule to.

  7. You then need to select which type of notification you would like to create.

    • Send Email: This will send an email when the notification criteria is met. You can add information from the record into the email. First select the email address you would like the email to go to, then build the email. The email creator works like the email templates creator.

    • Start Campaign: This will start a record on a campaign when the notification criteria is met. Select which campaign you want to start, then pick the email field to use when starting campaign.

    • Stop Campaign: This will stop a articular record from a campaign if that record is currently on a campaign. It works well to create a separate notification with a stop campaign function if you create a notification to start one. Here you just need to select email field that the campaign was started from.

    • Create Task: You can have the notification create a task when the criteria is met.

    • Change Record Owner: You can have the record owner automatically update when certain criteria is met.