Using Document Templates
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Using Document Templates

Once you have created a document template, you can load the template in the module for which you selected to create the template. This will allow you to create documents that have pulled specific information from a record.

    To use a Document Template:

  1. First, you will need to add the Content Tab to your layout in the Form Manager. To do this you need to add the Content Tab to your layout from the Form Manager. For more information on adding the Content Tab, see our Content Tab help article here.

  2. Open the particular record you would like to create the document with.

  3. Click "create from template" in the Content tab.

  4. Select the template from the drop down list.

  5. Give the template a name.

  6. Select either a PDF or HTML. Selecting HTML will allow you to generate a file that can be opened in Word.

  7. When you have filled the form out, click "Create" to create the document.

  8. The document will show up in the content log or content tab. You can click on it to download the file.