Creating a Task
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Creating a Task

Tasks are a type of note-taking aspect of the eSalesTrack application. Under any given module, you can add tasks for a specific record. In addition, you can then create a widget of tasks in the Dashboard Manager, and display all of your tasks on the Dashboard.

    To Create a Task:

  1. Open the Form Manager for the module that you would like to add a task to.

  2. On the left side of the Form Manager, open the drop down labelled "Additional Tabs".

  3. Under "System Tabs" drag and drop the "Activities" tab, and place it in the layout. Save the Layout.

  4. Next, go to view the module that you just edited, and click on a record. Under the "Activities" tab, click on "new task."

  5. This will bring up a popup window, in which you can modify the specifics of your new task. When you're done, click "Submit."

  6. Your new task will now be displayed under the Activities tab for that record.

  7. To learn how to set up a Task Widget, click here.