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Importing Records - Troubleshooting

It is possible to import records into eAppTrack from a spreadsheet. This guide will assist you with troubleshooting any issues you may have with the process. Below are possible trouble scenarios, followed by possible answers.

You have uploaded your spreadsheet but no fields show up below the import screen.
  • Your spreadsheet is not saved as the correct file. You can only upload and import Microsoft Excel 97-2003 workbooks (.xlsx) or CSV (comma separated) files.

You have uploaded your spreadsheet but do not see all of the fields that you need to map to.
  • You are importing to the wrong module. If you have selected the wrong module to import to, you will not see the fields you are trying to map to. On the left menu, under the import data option, you will see all of your normal modules. Click on the module you would like to import to.

  • If you need to import into two modules at once, you will need to use the advanced import function. This feature can make each line item in a spreadsheet two separate records. For example, if you have a company module related to a contact module then you could import the information at the same time. There has to be a one-to-one relationship between the modules. If you import a spreadsheet with both company and contact information to the company module with the advanced option you will also be able to map contact fields.

You imported an Excel 97-2003 or CSV file. The log says completed but you do not see the records in your module/views.
  • If you did not map any fields on the import screen the file will not be imported. You will see a Rejected Records link on the import Data Log screen. Re-upload your spreadsheet and map the respective fields to import the information.

  • Your spreadsheet is not formatted correctly. You must have the first row in your spreadsheet contain column headers that have corresponding fields in your eAppTrack account. If you are doing an advanced import you cannot have any blank rows.

  • You may need to adjust your views to see the imported records. The new records may be unassigned or owned by another user. You can create a simple view with only the main module table and the key field. If you select the entire scope by highlighting "myself," "Everything I Can See," and "Unassigned."This will show every record that you have access to. You should now see the records you imported.

  • You may need to set up sharing to see all of the records in your account. If you import a list of records and assign them to a user that does not report to your/is not sharing their records with you, you will not see those records. You can set up sharing or log in as the other user to see the records. If you log in as the other user and still do not see the records, then you may need to adjust the view. (See previous answers).

  • You did an advanced import and did not map the key field. You must enter the key field for the main module in an advanced import. They key field's system name will appear red in the advanced import screen.

Youmapped the fields, clicked import file, and got the eAppTracked error screen.
  • The import screen timed out. If you spend too much time on the import screen it may time out. In this case you need to re-upload the spreadsheet. You can save the import mapping so you do not need to re-map the fields. This will make the mapping process much faster and timing out will be less likely.

You imported a spreadsheet with records but the import log says 0 records. No records show up in the  module/views.
  • You mapped the wrong type of fields. You must map text excel columns to text fields, numeric excel columns to numeric fields, and date excel columns to date fields.

You imported a spreadsheet, the log says completed, butyou do not see all the records in from module/view.
  • Your view is limited to only show certain records. You can adjust your view to show more records. There are two sections in the view creator that can limit records. If some of the records are owned by other users you may need to adjust the scope. If you have any filters on the view you may want to take the filter off of the view or create a new filter that does not have the filter.

  • You did an advanced import and eAppTrack consolidated records. eAppTrack is designed to de-duplicate records when you use the advanced import function. If there are two records with the same exact value in the key field for the main module then eAppTrack will create one record with two (or more) sub records that are related. For example if you have two records in a spread sheet that have the same company name and two different contact names, it will be imported as one company record with two related contact records.

  • You do not have access to the user who owns some of the records. If there is a user who owns some of the records imported and they and they do not report to you, or are not sharing views with you, you will not be able to view those records in your module/views. Log in as the user or set up sharing to view the records.

You imported a spreadsheet but the values in a field do not stick when you edit the form.
  • If you import a value to a drop down field but the value is not in the drop down list, the drop down will revert back to the default value when you edit the record. You will need to re-upload the spreadsheet with the correct values or do a mass update.