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Ready to import a spreadsheet into a Module in eAppTrack? Great! First, let’s make sure the spreadsheet is formatted correctly.Depending on where you get the spreadsheet from, you may need to do a little formatting to it.If it has any HTML formatting to it, (colors on the header, on lines on the grid, Hyperlinks on email or website), that will need to be reformatted.
Here is an example of a spreadsheet with information that I would like to import.

To clear the formating, click on a cell, click “Ctrl” and “A” at the same time to select all. Then click “Ctrl” and “C” at the same time to copy it all. Then Click the Windows Icon in the top left hand corner (or File if using older versions of Excel) and click “New” to open up a new sheet. In the new page, click in the A1 cell and right click. You will need to Paste Special. This will just paste the vaules. It will not paste the formating, html, formulas, etc.

Your data should know look like this:

You are now ready to import clean data.

Does your data look like this and you are still having problems?This may be caused Field Level formatting issues.


• Make sure your “Key Field” has data in it for every record. (Please see the Key Field help article if you require clarification on what the Key Field is. It is important you know what your Key Field is before you clean your data for import.)

• If you don’t have data for the Key Field, it is ok to just put “unknown,” or whatever phrase makes sense to you.

• Make sure that if you have email addresses or websites, that you do not have hyperlinks on them.(Should not look like support@esalestrack.com.Should look like support@esalestrack.com. )

• If you have a date, make sure it is formatted like 1/01/2011, (not Oct. 12 or 10/12).

• If you have a phone number field, make sure it does not have any text letters in it.It should only have numbers, “(),” and “-“.

• If you have an eFusion field, make sure that the two fields that are combined to make that field have the correct data in them.(If you have Full Name, which concatenates First Name and Last Name, make sure you have the correct data all three fields.

Finally, but most importantly, please make sure that your Excel Spread Sheet is saved as a “CSV” file or an “Excel 97-2003 Workbook.”