Permanently Delete Records
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Records > Delete > Recycle Bin > Permanently Delete Records

After you have deleted a record, it will show up in your Recycle Bin. You may then permanently delete the record from the recycle bin. This article will describle how to Permanently Delete a Record.

    To permanently delete a record:

  1. To access the recycle bin click "Recycle Bin" from the Quick Access section of the left menu.

  2. Select the module where the record is located.

  3. From here you can see all of the deleted records from that module or use the search box in the top left to find the records.

  4. You can also grab a group of records by batch. If you deleted a group of records they will show up as a "batch," labeled by the time they were deleted. (You still must select the module first). You can grab all records in a batch and mass permanently delete them.

  5. Once records have been permanently deleted they will no longer be available in your account.