Inactive Records View
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You can create views in your normal modules to contain inactive records for that module. This will allow you to view records from this module that are currently in the recycle bin. You can open the profile page for any inactive record and re-activate the record.

To create a view with inactive records:

1. Open the module you would like create the inactive view in.

2. Click "Add View" just above the list of views. For help creating a view, click here.

3. Choose whatever scope and fields that you desire.

4. Go to the "Filters" tab and check the "InActive Records" check box. This will show all records that are inactive for this module.

5. Click "Save Changes" when you're done. You now have a view that will show all inactive records for that module.

6. Now go to that view in your module. Click on the profile for one of the records.

7. You will now be able to restore inactive records directly from the module. Click "undelete" in the top-right corner of your record profile to restore a previously deleted record.