Clone a View
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Cloning a View 

This help tutorial describes how to Clone a View.      

 Note: This is different than copying a view. For more information on copying a view, click here

  1. Click on the Module (Icon) that you want clone the view in.
  2. Click on Manage Views.
  3. Click on the clone view icon.
  4. This will make a clone of the existing view.  You can now click on the edit icon.
  5. Rename the view and modify any components around the view.  
  6. In this example we will be changing the filter from Added Date This Week to Added Dated This Month.  After you have made your modifications click on Save Changes.
  7. A preview of the records will show up below the view.  
  8. When you have finished your changes, click on the Module (Icon) that you created the View in.  
  9. You will now see the newly created View.