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Creating views is a great way to break up your records. However, it is always nice to have a view in each module that contains all of the records from that module. This way you always have a view that you can go to and search for any records that you have in that module.

Here is how to create a view that shows all of the records that you possibly have access to in a module:

1. Open the module where you would like to create this view in.

2. Click "Add View" to add a new view.

3. Give the view a name.

4. For the scope select the options "Unassigned" and "Everything I Can See." To select more than one option, hold the "Ctrl" key while clicking.

5. Add whatever fields you would like, make sure you only add fields from the main module (the module you are creating the view in).

6. If you would like, you can add Inactive records to the view. This will pull in records that you have deleted.

7. Click "Save Changes."

8. Now any record from that module, that you have access to see, can now be found in that view.