Creating Dashboards
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In eAppTrack, you have the ability to have multiple dashboards as the main screen for your Home Page Home. The dashboard is all of the area to the right of the left sidebar and below the library.

  1. To initially create a dashboard, click on "Reports", click on "Manage Dashboards". and then click on "New Dashboard".

  2. Click on Dashboard Title, name it whatever you want.  Then select Add Widget. Widgets allow you to display information on your dashboard as soon as you log in to your account.  You can drag Reports, Graphs, and System Widgets from the right side.

  3. You can now drag widgets from "System Widgets" on the right, and drop them in the layout. You can also drag and drop graphs you have created from the "Graphs". You can also add mini versions of reports to your dashboard. For more on minireports, click here.To create widgets and graphs, click on the Graphs/Widgets tab in the top right.For more on widgets, see the Creating Widgets article.

  4. When you are done arranging your layout, click the "Save Changes button".