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This help tutorial describes how to Create a Report.Reports can be created from information in any module. Reports are similar to views, but have more options and capabilities.

    To Create a Report:

  1. Click on the Report module (you may need to add it to your library).

  2. Click on Create New Report.

  3. Name the Report and select the Primary Module.

  4. Select the Scope of the Report and then navigate to the Modules tab.The scope is who owns the records you would like to include.If you hold down when you click on one of the options, you can select multiple options.In this instance Everything I Can See and Unassigned was selected.This will return all of the records that the user has access to.
    You can also select multiple options by holding down the "Ctrl" key.

  5. Select the fields that you want to show up in the view as Columns and then click on the Fields tab.

  6. You can now reorder and rename the fields.You also have the ability to Summarize and/or aggregate the fields.

  7. Once the modifications have been made to the order and names of the field you can click on the Sorting tab.

  8. Under the Sorting tab you can specify how you would like to sort the Report. You select a column then Ascending (A-Z) or Descending (Z-A).

  9. You can now click on the Filters Section.

  10. Under the Filters Section.You can select if you would like to view active and and/or inactive records in the Report. Inactive records are records you have deleted (not permanently deleted).You can add filters so that only certain records are displayed that meet this criteria. You can add as many filters as you need.Once you have finished click on Save Changes.

    - See the Filtering Your Report article for more information on filtering your report. 

  11. You can now view a preview of the Report below. If the data is not displayed correctly, you can navigate to the appropriate tab and make any changes.