Creating a Module
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Administration > Modules > Add > Creating a Module

In eAppTrack, Modules are the main groups of records. They are accessed by clicking on the square icons along the top of the screen. This article describes how to create a module in the system.

    To Create a Module:

  1. Click the wrench in the top-right corner of your screen.

  2. Click on "Modules."

  3. Click "Add Module."

  4. Fill out the required information. Click "Create Module."

  5. You will then be taken to the Field Creator. In here, you can add your own custom fields and data types to your module. When you're done, hit "Create."

  6. Now you will automatically be taken to the Form Manager. The Form Manager is where you customize the layout of your module. Drag your desired fields into the panel, and arrange them how you like. When you're done, click "Save Form Layout."

Your module has now been created. To view and add data to this module, you must edit your libraries to display it as an icon at the top of your screen. To learn about editing libraries, see our Configuring Library Icons article.

You can further edit this module at any time using the Field Creator or the Form Manager.