Quick Reports
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Add New Reports

In the Quick Actions Menu, you can create reports to be displayed. These are going to be reports that you want the user to have available at all times. You add these reports in the Add New Report section. Note: you will need to create these reports in the the Apps on the App Builder side.
Below is an image of what this looks like on in the mobile app.

    To create Quick Reports:

  1. Navigate to the "Add New Report" section of the Quick Acctions Setting Menu. Click the carrot to display the form. Here is where you can add the reports.

  2. You are not creating new reports here, you are selecting reports that exist in apps that you have already created. First, select the App that you want a report from. Then select the Report. Here, we chose the "My PMs" App, and then "My Upcoming PMs" report. We added a second report, and chose for it to come from the "PMs (Admin) App. We chose the "All Assets" report from that App. You can continue to add more reports if you'd like.

  3. Click Save to save the reports.