Quick Add New Record
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Mobile App > Mobile App Builder > Quick Actions Settings > Quick Add New Record

Quick Add New Record

In the Quick Actions Menu, you can have links to create new records. You can set these up so that users will be able to create different types of records at all times. Basically, these will be links that allow you to go straight into a skin and add a record.

    To create a Quick Add Record:

  1. Navagate to the "Add New Record" section of the Quick Actions Setting Menu. Click the carrot to display the form. Here is where you can add the Quick Add Records.

  2. First, select the app that you would like the user to be able to go to. In this example, we went to the "PMs (Admin)" app.

  3. Now, chose the Skin you want the user to be able to go to. In this example, we chose "Asset." This will allow the user to create a record on the fly. Click Add New if you would like to add another New Record Quick Add.

  4. Click Save when you are done.