Quick Actions Overview
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Quick Actions Overview

The Quick Actions Menu is the second half of the Mobile App Builder tool. Quick actions is a menu in the mobile app that can be dragged in from the side of the screen. From there, you can choose to scan a QR code, Quick Add a new record, or look at some reports that you like to keep handy. This article is an overview of tool. For more information on each section within the tool, see the related links list at the botton of the page.

  1. To get to the Mobile App tool, click the wrench, Mobile Apps, then Mobile App Builder. At the top of the page, the App Builder is on the left and the Quick Action Settings Menu is on the right. Click on the Quick Action Settings Menu.
    Note: it may be necessary to save and refresh the page often while working in the Mobile App tool.

  2. You will see a list of your Quick Actions. In this example we only have one set up, "PMs." If you would like to add more, click the plus sign icon.
    To open the Quick Action, click the drop down carrot on the right side. You can rename the quick action by clicking on the text.

  3. Here you see the four sections of menus, Scan QR code, Add New Record, Add New Report, and Access. We will go through them one by one. Note: access is not a section in the app, it is there for you to configure who you want to be able to see this.

  4. You can see how they look in the mobile app here.

  5. Scan QR Code:
    This is the section where you configure the menu the user sees after they scan a QR code. The user will have their mobile device, choose quick actions, and choose to scan a code. After the code is scanned, the menu below shows up.
    Information is displayed about the Asset, or whatever record the QR code is associated with. You can add buttons to make changes to the record. You can also see reports that have to do with the record.

  6. Below is an image of the screen where you configure these options. There is more information about this section here.

  7. Add New Record:
    This is the section where you can set up a Quick Add Menu for new records. Refer to image above of the quick actions menu (click here) to see how these three are shown on the user's screen.
    The Apps are apps that we have already set up in the app builder. The skins are specific apps within those apps. (Basically, this Add New Record section allows you to jump straight to an app and add a record).

  8. Add New Report:
    This is the section where you can add reports to the quick actions menu. These are going to be reports that you want the user to be able to quickly refrence at all times. These are going to be reports that you have set up in other apps, not in the desktop version of the platform.
    Refer to image above of the quick actions menu (click here) to see how these reports are shown on the user's screen.

  9. Access:
    This is the section where you can choose what roles will use this quick actions menu. Chck the boxes next to the users you would like to be able to use the menu. You may want to set up multiple menus if you would like different roles to see different menus.