Reassigning Records
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In eAppTrack, records almost always have owners. There are, however, times when you need to change the owner of the record. The most common need for doing this is when a User has been inactivated. You will want to reassign the records assigned to them before you inactivate the User. This guide will help you Reassign Records.

    To Reassign a Record:

  1. Go to the records that you'll be reassigning by selecting the correct module and view. It may be helpful to create a view with only those records.

  2. Check the boxes next to the desired records. You may also check the select all box to select all the records.

  3. Click the arrow in the drop down box and click "Reassign Record Owner. This will bring up a new window. Select the new users with the "New Value," drop down menu.

  4. Click Save to save this change.

  5. You may see some check boxes underneath the heading "Update these related records." This will also reassign anything that is related to the records you are reassigning.