User Groups
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User Groups

With eAppTrack, it is possible to create groups of users. This is helpful when you would like to choose who is able to view certain layouts, or see certain records. This guide will help your create user groups.
For more on sharing records, click here. For more on layouts, click here.

    To create a user group:

  1. Click on the wrench, then the "Users" icon.

  2. Click on Groups.

  3. Click the "Add Group" button.

  4. Here, you will enter the name of the new group. In this example, we named the group, "Example Group."
    To choose who is going to be in the group, check the box next to the users' names. You can also segregate users by Roles and Location.
    When you are done, click submit.

  5. Your new group will show up in the list of groups.