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Adding a Map

In eAppTrack, you can convert records from one module to another. To do this, you need to create a Map. Mapping creates conversion between two modules.

    To set up a map:

  1. Click on the wrench.

  2. Click on Modules.

  3. Click on Mapping.

  4. Click on Add Map.

  5. First, give the map a name, and pick the module you would like to convert to from the drop down menu.
    Once you select the module that you'll be converting to, the next section of the menu will appear.

  6. Next, select the module you would like to convert from.

  7. Map each field by selecting fields from the drop downs. The information will move from the fields on the right side to the fields on the left side when you convert a record. The drop downs will only show fields that are a similar data type to the fields you are converting to.
    Note: Fields have to be the same type to be able to map to and from each other. A text field cannot map to a number field.(highlighted in yellow below).

  8. If you would like the old record to become inactive you can click the "Make Source Record Inactive" check box. This is already checked by default.

  9. If you would like any notes associated with the original record to be copied to the new record then click the "Copy Source Module Notes" check box.

  10. Click "Save."

  11. Now, you need to add the convert tool to the record page of the original module.
    Go to the Form Manager for the original Module (in this example, Area), and click on the Profile tab.

  12. From the Tab/Tool Bar Properties window, click the check box for "Convert to Example." From the Tool Bar Properties window click on the check box next to the mapping you would like to add a control for. Click "Submit."

  13. Click "Save Form Layout."

  14. Go to the original module (here, Area) and drill into a record.

  15. You will now see a drop down in your record profile. This drop down will give you a list of users that you want to assign the mapped record to. Once you pick a record owner, you will automatically be taken to the new mapped record.

  16. The fields that you chose to map will now show up in the new mapped record.

  17. You have successfully mapped a record. You can edit your existing maps in Manage Maps.