Adding and Deleting Tabs
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Adding and Deleting Tabs

Additional Tabs can be added to layouts to show additional information that is associated with records. Additional information could be related records, notes, emails, content, and team members. After a tab has been added, it can also be deleted. To jump to the section about deleting tabs, click here.

    To Add a Tab:

  1. Open the Form Manager for the module you would like to add a tab to.

  2. Select the layout you would like to add a tab to.

  3. The additional tabs are located on the left side of the form manager under the title called " Additional Tabs". You may need to click the icon to expand the section.

  4. Click and drag the tab into any of the squares that have a dotted outline. The square you select will be highlighted blue then you can drop the tab. You can add the tabs on top and they will be placed on the right side of the profile. You also have the option to drop them down below the profile.
    System Tabs will always be an option. You can also add tabs that will contain information about other modules. Once the relationship exists, the tab will become an option.

  5. You can click on the name of the tab to edit the properties of the tab.

  6. Click "Save Form Layout" when finished.

Deleting a Tab

    To Delete a Tab:

    Tabs that store related information can be deleted from a layout. If you delete a tab the information from that tab will not be deleted. You can always add the tab back later and view the same information.

  1. Open the form manager for the module you would like to delete a tab for.

  2. Select the layout that has the tab you would like to delete.

  3. Click the X icon next to the tab.

  4. Click "Save Form Layout" when finished.