Form Sections
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Form Sections

You can add sections to forms to help organize your fields. Sections are just groups of fields.Your sections can be either one or two fields wide.

    To add a section:

    1. Open the form manager for the module you would like to a section to.

    2. Select the layout you would like to add a section to.

    3. Click "New Section" under the heading "Module Fields."

    4. The new section will show up at the bottom of the form. You can move the new section by clicking on the bar labeled "New Section," and dragging it to where you would like it. The grey background will specify where the section will be when you drop it.

    5. You can click the gear icon to edit the properties of the section. You can give the section a name and also select if you would like the section to be one or two columns. Click "Submit" when you're done.

    6. You can drag and drop fields into this new section.