Key Fields
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Key Fields

Every module must have a key field. When a new module is created the default key field is the record owner, since this is the only field. The key field must be changed from record owner to something else. The ideal key field will be something that will be unique for each record. The key field is what you will be picking from when you are connecting record to other records. When importing, the key field must be mapped or the records will not get imported.

    To select your key fields:

  1. Open the form manager for the module you would like to set the key field for.
  2. Click on the module name to bring up the module preferences.

  3. Open the drop down labeled "Key Field". This will contain all of the fields in that module. You can select one to be the key field.

    When selecting the key field, you will want to choose a field that will be unique for every record, as well as something easily distinguishable (such as "Name").

    Suggested key fields (Module - suggested key field):

    Company (accounts) - Company Name

    Leads - Company Name

    Contacts - Last Name

    Tickets (cases) - Subject

    Location - Address

    Opportunity - Opportunity Name

    Product - Product Name

  4. Click "Submit" when finished picking the key field.

  5. When you are connecting a record to another record the key field is what you will be selecting from the relationship drop down. For example, the key field for the Company module is "Company Name". When I add a contact and select a company to relate it to, the drop down in contacts shows me all the company names of the records in my account.