Adding Fields to a Form
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Adding fields to a Form

Once you have created fields in the field creator you can add them to a form layout. The form is the page you see when you add a new record or when edit a record. Where you position the fields on the form is where you will see them when you add or edit that type of record.

To add fields to a form layout:

1. Open the form manager for the module you would like to add fields to.

2. Select the layout that you would like to add fields to.

3. Any fields that you have created for that module will appear in the section labeled "Module Fields".

4. You can click and drag these fields onto the form layout. Click and hold on to the field, when you have the blue highlight where you want the field to go, then drop the field.

5. Move the rest of your fields on the form and click "Save Form Layout" when finished.