Multi-Page Layouts
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Multi-Page Layouts

Multi-page layouts are a great way to break up the fields on your forms if you have a lot of fields. You can also create conditional fields that only show up on a layout if certain criteria is met.

To create a new mutli-page layout:

1. Select "New Multi-Page Layout" on the Form Manager.

2. Give the layout a name. Then click "Save Form Layout".

3. There are two types of Multi-page layouts:

Tabbed Layouts - A tabbed layout will have tabs that can contain different pages of fields. This is a great way to group fields together in a layout. Criteria can be set to show certain tabs based on the value of certain fields.

Linear Layout - A linear layout is way to have all fields one page but display certain fields based on values of other fields.

4. Select either "Tabbed Layout" or "Linear Layout" in the layout section.

5. You can now add pages by clicking "New Page". A page represents a tab that you can have conditionally show on the layout.

6. You will need to create a filter on the page to designate when you would like it to appear. To add a filter to a page click the edit page link in the corner of the page. You cannot add filters to the main page.

7. From the page properties window, select the field you would like to filter by, the type of filter, and then type in filter criteria. The page will only show when records meet this filter criteria.

8. Now the page will only appear when the filter criteria is met.

9. To mangage which users see this layout, click the wrench, click users, roles, then choose which layout you would like each role to use.