Publishing a Dashboard
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This tutorial describes how to Share a Dashboard to another user or group of users. Sharing, or publishing, a Dashboard will allow users to see the Dashboard that you have set up. Note, they will still only be able to see information that is pulled from reports that they have access to. You can either Force or Publish the Dashboard. Publishing the Dashboard will give the user the option to subscribe and view the dashboard, where Forcing the Dashboard will not give them a choice.
For help creating a dashboard, click here.

    To publish a dashboard:

  1. Click on the home module.

  2. Choose the Dashboard that you would like to share by using the drop down menu and tabs. Click here for more information about how to change dashboards.

  3. Click the "share" button.

  4. A window will pop up that allows you to manage how your Dashboards are shared. You can share to whole groups of users or individual users. Publishing a Dashboard will give the users the option to subscribe to it. Forcing will force the users to see the Dashboard.

  5. Click "Submit". The selected users will now be able to subscribe to the dashboard.

  6. Clicking Unsubscribe will allow you to un-share the dashboard with everyone.