Form Manager Overview
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The Form Manger is the tool used to edit the layout of the records you will be created for a module. You can place fields and other objects into the form, and configure them in whatever order you would like. It is possible to have several layouts per module. The Form Manger is also where you can edit other aspects of your module, such as: fields, properties, relationships, Web Forms, Tabs, and more.
If you need to delete your module, you can do it here.

    To get to the Form Manager:

  1. Click on the wrench.

  2. Click on Modules.

  3. Click on Form Manager.

  4. Click on the module that you would like to edit.

  5. In the form editor, you can drag/drop elements, create new layouts, and more.
    Below is an overview of the different elements in the form manager.
    When you're done making changes, be sure to save the layout.

    Form Manager Elements

  • Form manager Layout:

  • Module Properties:

    This is where you can edit the properties of the module such as; name, key field, icon. You can also view and edit all of the relationships that you have set up in your account.

  • Additional Layouts/ Web Forms:

    This is where you can create additional form layouts and also create and get the html code for web forms. Additional layouts can be assigned to roles in your account so different uses can see different information.

  • Tabs:

    Tabs can be added to layouts to display related information about records.

  • Form:

    This is the current form layout, you can add fields and form objects by clicking and dragging them onto this layout.

  • Fields and Form Objects:

    This consists of the current module fields, related fields, parent fields, as well as form objects such as; notes, content, blank spaces, and scripts. You can also create new fields and layout sections here.

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