Unassigned Records
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Administration > Records > Unassigned Records

Unassigned Records are records that do not have a Record Owner. By default, only Admin users will be able to see Unassigned Records. The tool to manage these permissions is the Unassigned Record Manager.

    To manage Unassigned Records:

  1. Click on the wrench.

  2. Click on Modules.

  3. Click on Unassigned Records.

  4. Click on the module where you would like to manage the unassigned records for.

  5. At the top you can designate who has access to unassigned records. The first option "Administrators Only" means that only users with admin permissions will be able to view unassigned records in this module. You also have the option to set up groups and give certain groups permission to unassigned records.

  6. You also have the option to set up auto-assignment rules. These rules will take effect anytime records are imported and are unassigned. They work similarly to filters you pick which type of records then pick how you want those records to be assigned. To do this, click "Add Auto-Assignment Rule."

  7. A new window will pop up. You can assign them to a specific person or have them auto distribute to a group of users. This works well for sales people in different territories. You can set it up to assign all the leads that come in from a specific state to be auto distributed to a rep in that area. Click "Save" to save the rule.