Field Properties
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Field Properties

Field Properties determine the type and appearance of each individual field that makes up a full-page form. After creating a field you can edit its properties by clicking on the field name in the Field Creator.

    From the Field Creator screen for a particular module click on a specific field name to bring up the Field Properties window.

Depending on the data type of your field, you will have different editing options. Here is a list of common options for a field:

  • Label: This is what will display as the label for the field in the form.

  • Required: If checked, users will not be able to submit the form unless this field is filled out.

  • Field Type: The type/format of the field - date, time, drop-down, text box, etc.

  • Default Value: This will be the value of the field if none is supplied by the user.

  • Items: A list of the options you can select from for a drop down, radial, multi check box, etc.
When you're done configuring the field, click “Update” to save.