Creating Fields
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Creating Fields

This guide explains how to create the fields for a module.

1. Click on the wrench to open the toolbox.

2. Click on Modules.

3. Click on Field Creator.

4. Click on the Module under which you want to create the field (i.e. Account, Contact, Opportunity, etc).

5. Type the name of the field you’d like to create into the New Field Label box, and hit “Enter”. The new Field will appear in the gray box below, and the name will be in blue.

6. To create additional fields type another name into the New Field Label and hit “Enter”.

7. Once the field is created, clicking on the “Required” box will require that field to be filled out in order for the form to save. You can also choose the Field Type (i.e. Text Box, Email, Phone, Drop-Down, etc.)

8. To fill in the possible selections for a Drop Down, Single or Multi Select List Box, etc. , click on the Field Label and type in the options into the “Items” box. Click "Update" when you're done.

9. Click "Save".

10. Click “Update” and you will be re-directed automatically to the Form Manager page.