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Formula - Text

A Formula - Text field will allow you to create a formula and have the end result formatted as a text field. The end value must be text or the formula will not pull the information.
This guide will provide some commonly used formulas.

    Note: You can copy and paste and one of these formulas into the formula box. Drag and drop your text fields to replace "field." You can aslso put numeric values in place of the fields.

  • Combine Text

    This will combine two text fields:


  • Combine Text with a Space

    Calculates the result of a number raised to a power:

    CONCATENATE(¦firstname¦," ",¦lastname¦)

  • Facebook Search

    This link will search facebook for the first and last name:


  • Linkedin Search

    This will search linkedin for the values in the first and last name fields:


  • Google Map Search

    This will search Google Maps for the values in the address, city, state, and zip fields.

    CONCATENATE("",¦address¦," ",¦city¦,", ",¦state¦," ",¦zip¦)

  • Google Search

    This will search google for the value in the company name field.


  • Wikipedia Search

    This will search Wikipedia for the value in the company name field.


  • Ebay Search

    This will summarize a text field and will return the specified # of characters from the beginning.


  • Summary of Text

    This will search ebay for the value in a field.


    field = a text area field. # = the number of characters to display in the field.